History of Giribaz

Giribaz is the symbol of reaching the highest level of sky touching the cloud with an appearance of peace. Our key term is “Innovation for peace”. With this motive and effective human and machine collaborate power helping us to reach our ultimate goal. We started our journey at 2013 with the vision of modern and innovative software and service development for the entire world. In this age of ICT and Intelligent System, we are making our position to lead the next generation for better living style with the hand of innovation and advanced system.

And with that motivation and encouragement so far our journey is being so successful that we able to develop some effective software system for the entire globe and people are please with our services. We have a good reputation in national and international market. So far our effective team have delivered some unique and powerful tool in different sector. Developed some service that will take the software and web platform in the next level.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Giribaz conduct various kind of software testing from black box to white box and certifies the quality softwares and services.

E-Commerce Solution

We provide e-commerce solution in different platform. The most common development platform is WooCommerce, Magento, Open Cart etc.

WordPress Development And Services

WordPress development is one of our most elegant service. Using WordPress we provide website, blog, protfolio, news and other corporate web portal solution.

Web Technology And Reconstruction Services

Giribaz provides all kind of web solution and services by analyzing and obtaining the technological factors.

Industrial Management and Automation Solution

We provide industrial management solution and automate the business process in modular way. Pharmacy, Food, Garments and other industrial automation management we provide.

Design and Animation

Graphics design and animation is a vital part of quality UX and UI design. We porovide all kind of graphics and animation design.

Mobile App Development

We develop mobile app in different platform , Like Android, iOS, Windows, Web etc. We develop both native and hybrid application.

Banking Service and Solution

Giribaz developing smart banking solution as both online and offline software and provide full time support.

ERP Solution

Different enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is provided by Giribaz and we provide module wise solution in different manner.

ICT Support and Consultation

All kind of ICT support and professional training and consultancy is provided by Giribaz and we provide technological support for your business plan.

Our Effective Team


Management Co-ordinator

Working as core management person and as a programmer, all kind of internal and external management is conduced by him. He deals with house management factors and support. Completed his bachelor from Institute of Science and Technology (IST).

Aftabul Islam

Founder, Cheaf Technical Officer

He is the founder of Giribaz and the chief technical officer (CTO). The core development process is conducted by him and also manages the internal and external factors. Completed his bachelor from Institute of Science and Technology (IST).

Md. Ruhul Amin

CEO, Seniour Software Engineer

Engaged with Giribaz with beginning of the initiative and Working from the core piling base. Now he is completing his M.Sc in Computer Science from Jahangirnagar University and contributing as a CEO and Senior Software Engineer.


Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Giribaz started with a ultimate mission of providing innovative and quality product to  the software industry all over the world. In the local and overseas marketplace we have a exceptional reputation for our unique and quality production. Our main gole and mission is to taking the local software market in the highest position.

Global industry of software and software service related market in getting competitive and we are merging towards with our mission. With modern technology we have so many plan to make our land and as well as our world a better place for living. We have that potential, manpower and strength that we can make the stuffs done as our mission is set.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear as our brand name express , Giribaz is the symbol of reaching the highest level of the cloud. We have the vision of taking the local software market in the next level and introducing out country in the world through this software industry. As well as with the increase of software industry the unemployment problem will decrease. These are the major gole of Giribaz from the starting of foot step.

We have also the ultimate vision of serving the local government and the national projects. With the development of the national industry, we may introduce us in the global market. We are always aware to our vision and reaching to our vision.

Our Value

We have an exceptional reputation in the global market for our unique and quality product. So our value in the global market is preciously good. We are making the software industry a valuable resource of national industrial growth. Day by day the software and relevant industry is growing higher and we have a valuable place of contribution.

The key points that making us valuable
  • Production of unique and quality product.
  • Management of the resources in industrial manner.
  • Delivering the service on time and any time in the global perspective.
  • Clear and dominating approach to our vision.
  • Full time support for our product.
  • Maintain ethical approach in legal issues.

We Are Open Source Lover

Active In Open Souce Community

We actively supports the open source community in local and international manner and always try to use the open source tool in our office, casual and development environment. It makes our development progress more sharp and clean. The following contribution is conducted by us in the open source community :

  • We encourage people to stick in open source community.
  • Our business model is basically based on open source resource and infrastructure.
  • Give support for system installation, using and several tips for manage them.
  • Always concern about our consumer right, for that we offer them the secure platform as open source community.
  • Product develop, deploy, integration conducted on various open source licensing (Like GPL, MPL etc.)

Our Business Process

Our Business process senarios

Business process is the key term of a company that generates consumer for the developed product and services. For that we plan some modified unique business plan for our general product and service development. There are several steps that complies the full process. These context is only describe the general foundation of the complete plan.

Identify Goals : Firstly we identify our goal for the specific business approach or planning in a fine tuned way.

Identify Key Criteria : Then we identify the key criteria to achieve the defined goal and get in the marketplace.

Analysis Current Business Setup : After that we move to identify the current business setup in our infrastructure and as well as in the rivals.

Identify Issue and Develop Solution :  Identifying issues in current development makes our plan more sharper and then we move to develop solution.

Identify New Opportunities : While developing the solution, we concern about the new incoming opportunity too.

Formulate New Business Structure : By analyzing the issues and extracting the now opportunity we may sometimes able to generate the next level business structure.

Develop Action Plan : With the new and extracted business plan we started to develop the action plans.

Manage Change Process : We manages the total business plan and the service generate from it and continue the further actions.


Contribution to the World

Our Initiatives and Future Planning

Through the IT and Software industry, many contributions we have conduct from the time we have started our initiatives. IT industry are growing fast and with that many crisis has been arise day by day. We are always conscious about that and delivering our following contributions:

  • Making an structure and architecture of the industry.
  • Spearing the wing of open source software and services.
  • Building the infrastructure of modern software development.
  • Associating with the collaborating approach of development environment.
  • Encouraging the fresher initiatives and effort.
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