WordPress Testimonial Plugin Documentation

All about WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Installation Requirements

PHP 5.2+
Firefox 12+
Google Chrome / Chromium 19+
Internet Explorer 9+
Opera 12+
Safari 6
Mogrify Utility (Optional)
GD / Imagic (Optional)

Installation Process

Install WordPress Mega Testimonial Plugin from the wordpress.org/plugins. You can find the free version as Mega Testimonial.

The installation process is describe follow :

  • Download the plugin from the WordPress store.
  • For the premium version plugin can be found in Giribaz Store
  • After installing the plugin you have to activate it.
  • When activation is completed you will get nice and furnished admin options.
  • Set your contents like the way you show it and choose theme for each kind of testimonial category.
  • After Settings tuning done, view the testimonial.
  • In the premium version you will get many more interactive themes in owl carousal style.

Why WordPress Mega Testimonial

  • WordPress Mega Testimonial : Allow user to add unlimited testimonials in different mode.
  • Nice and furnished Admin Panel :Mega Testimonial comes with a nice and furnished admin panel where user can control their operations very easily.
  • Owl Carousal Integration : In the premium version you can get the owl carousal integrated and finger integration ready.
  • Light Configuration Process: Offering easy and handy configuration process for everyone.
  • Easy Installation : Easy Instalation for all kind of users.
  • Three different mode of Testimonial :Mega Testimonial offers three different mode of testimonial expration. (Ex. General Random Style, Group Testimonials, Single Special Testimonial)
  • Full Custom Monitoring : User has the full control over their content as per user operational feasibility and maintanance.
  • Fit For All Kind of Web Sites :Mega Testimonial is fit for all kind of websites powered by WordPress.
  • Works fine with Page Builders :Mega Testimonial works fine with all kind of page builders.

Premium Theme Pack and Others

Mega Testimonial enhanced its theme capacity with some awesome designs and that support responsive layout. Finger transition functionality are added to each design. Rating features are also added to the premium version, coding standard are upgraded.

  • Nice and furnished Design.
  • Responsive and fit for any kind of layout
  • Owl Carousal integrated and finger transition activated.
  • Easy and comfort to manage.


Mega testimonial comes with three different mode of testimonial creation. The description of different mode is described below :

  1. General Mode : In this mode you can show your all testimonials are created using [gb_testimonial] shortcode.
  2. Group Mode : In this kind of mode you can show your specific group testimonials using  using [gb_testimonial group_id='36'] shortcode.
  3. Single Testimonial : In this kind of mode you can show your single testimonial using [gb_testimonial id='256']